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An Argument for India (Special Guest Post)

Today, I share a guest post that wasn’t intended as a guest post.

It’s an email I woke up to last week, from one of my new readers. I get notes regularly (and love them!) but this one caught my eye and woke me up even before I had any coffee. I really couldn’t make this up if I tried – I may not have 20,000 site visitors yet (tongue-in-cheek) but I have the best readers, ever!

Daniel felt inspired to write me after seeing my “Where’s Home, Anyway?” post, asking for ideas on where to move in 2013. He shared his own story and how he ended up being an expat in India. And why I, too, should try it.

On an otherwise normal Tuesday morning, he made me smile, laugh out loud and inspired me with his own leap of faith. And by the way, India was so on my “must-visit” and possibly “try-it-out” list  – and I had been watching a travel video on it the night before – how did he know?

Daniel has kindly allowed me to share his email on my blog – thank you, Daniel, for being so awesome. And you do make a great case for heading to India, as an expat or a visitor.

Have any of you been there or dream of going? I’d love to hear of your experiences.


Silhouettes at the Taj Mahal, India - © Le Radiateur (Flickr Creative Commons)

“Dear Miss Lily,

My mother recently forwarded me your blog post “Where’s home, anyway?”, and I really enjoyed reading it. I sympathize with your decision to leave the US and live abroad for a year, and I wanted to offer my thoughts, in the hopes that they help you with your decision (or at least your peace of mind). I also wanted to make a case for you moving to India.

I better say something about myself first. I was lucky enough to be born and grow up in Dangriga, and lived in Belize pretty much full time, until I hit 17 and headed off to Carleton College in Minnesota.

Before heading off to college, I had only visited the US a couple times to see my grandparents. When I arrived at college, I learnt that the school offered several partially funded off-campus programs, and so I was lucky enough to visit a bunch of different countries while doing research, including Ecuador, Tanzania, Taiwan and England.

After graduating, I wanted to spend a little more time in a foreign country, so I headed to Ohio to work at a nature center (Ohio is not Belize, so it counts as foreign). Suddenly, out of the blue, I got an email from one of my classmates: “Want to come to India and start an organic farming company with me?”

In about 5 minutes, all the fears and complications that you mentioned in your article ran through my mind. India? You mean the country on the other side of the world? Where foreigners get diarrhea all the time? Where they hardly speak English and eat raw chili peppers at every meal?

I didn’t speak a word of Hindi, I didn’t really have health insurance, I was not qualified to start a company… I could go on and on. Then I thought “Well….what else do I have to do?” Three weeks later, I had Continue reading »