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Sunshine & Stilettos’ Quick Travel Guide to Belize

Over the past couple of years I’ve received numerous emails from readers with questions on the places I visit – from advice on where to stay, to what to do and how to make a stay unique. Most folks – including myself – need travel direction and ideas on where to begin exploring a country. So I’ve decided to help my readers out by putting together brief country guides – a lay of the land, if you will, to help you figure out what part of the country to visit according to your personal interests. No two visits are ever the same – and nor should they be. These guides are meant as starting points and I hope you find them useful in launching your own solo (or couple) adventure.

The first destination guide: Belize. It’s the country I get the most questions about and probably one of the least known. It’s also one I know fairly well now, after spending three months there as a Road Warrior (writer/blogger and photographer in-residence) for the Belize Tourism Board and an additional two and a half months independently.

Belize Travel Guide

‘Caribbean jewel’ in Central America


It’s easy to overlook Belize. It’s in a small corner facing the Caribbean sea and next to its larger, tourist-popular neighbors Mexico and Guatemala. Not to mention, most people think all there is to do there is diving or fishing, or that it’s expensive.

Belize does have the second longest barrier reef in the world after Australia’s, just a short hour and a half boat ride away from >> Continue reading »

Update from Belize: Where I am and Where I’ve Been


So the last time I posted this map, I was in the Cayo District. Jungling and caving away my first two weeks in Belize.

Then came the unexpected – an assignment to photograph the First Lady of Belize, Mrs. Kim Barrow, and her family – so I returned to Belize City for a couple of days. After that, off to Maruba Spa, still in the Belize District and close to the Altun Ha Maya site and several villages such as Maskall Village.

After Maskall, I headed up north: “sugar country” as some call it because this is where most of the country’s sugar cane is produced. First to the town and District of Orange Walk, followed by Corozal.

Orange Walk is where I experienced my first Belizean fiesta or annual local fair. I missed the Benque Viejo Fiesta in the Cayo District a couple of weeks ago, remember? Well I wasn’t going to miss this one. Orange Walk calls theirs “Fiestarama.” Overall, the town isn’t very tourist-geared. It’s also more “Mestizo” on this side and most people speak Spanish first, English second and sometimes…not at all (I think they just sometimes prefer not to). But the Orange Walk District has one of the biggest Maya sites in the country – Lamanai – and in my opinion, one of the prettiest rivers, called the New River. You don’t have to stay in Orange Walk to visit Lamanai but it sure makes it a much shorter day trip.

The town and District of Corozal is even farther north. It’s super close to the Mexican border, and is a beautiful, clean, small and quiet seaside town with more guest homes and small resorts than Orange Walk. There are also a few Americans and other expats who come here to build their waterfront homes and retire.

My next destination after Corozal will be to one of Belize’s numerous islands or “Cayes”: Ambergris Caye (shown in purple on the map).

So all you island lovers, get ready to read about the water adventures as I head from jungle to beach life in a few days!