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TravelCon 2018: On Longevity, Building Community, and the Art of Pivoting in the Travel Industry

The last time I attended and invested in a travel blogging conference was 2012. I know – seven years ago. Back then there was only TBEX, the Travel Blogging Exchange. Attending once was helpful, but it still left me with a sense of uncertainty when I returned home. What’s next? What to do with all this content and knowledge I have on Caribbean destinations? Is it worth continuing this travel photography and blogging thing?

I was on the brink – one of many we have as entrepreneurs – of deciding whether to continue or whether to switch paths.

And then I saw an email in my inbox from one of my blog readers – it reminds now of the power of community, one of the topics at TravelCon. She was alerting me to an ad from Moon Guides, searching for the next Moon Belize author. The requirements were that you had to be a travel writer with at least five clips, as well as someone who loves and knows the destination and returns often. Six years have passed since I read the email and

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On Career Transitions: Cutting Through The Noise and Embracing Focus

Over the past month, I’ve thought a lot about time management, priorities and focus – hence my slight silence on the blog besides sharing postcards. This thinking exercise isn’t anything new – it’s been a regular occurrence ever since I embarked on the rewarding but demanding journey of transitioning from the law into travel photography and now writing.

More recently, however, I was reminded of the importance in learning and shifting priorities to go farther in this new field and make the best use of my talents.

These thoughts were triggered by TBEX, when I realized during and post-conference that I was sitting on potential and what I needed the most was focus. Focus on learning from the best – whether it means taking classes, workshops or attending the best of conferences – and focus on consistently seeking out opportunities and knocking on doors.

With all of these thoughts on my mind on the plane home from Colorado, an amazing opportunity came my way.

I opened my email to find a message from a fellow blogger currently on a trip around the world. In the email was a link to an ad for a travel writing gig, one for which she thought I was a perfect fit.  It did sound amazing and I knew I was qualified. A year ago I might have let fear or doubt take over, but after TBEX I realized that my true love is for travel writing and photography and not blogging full-time per se. I left feeling inspired and ready to push harder.

I spent the entire weekend drafting a cover letter and crafting a travel resume (the last one I wrote was for my legal experience and most of my travel-related gigs so far have mostly come from my networks). I edited, proofread and perfected and hit send. What’s the worst that could happen, I thought?

Within a few days, I received a response: I was selected for an interview. I was so excited, I must have read the email at least five times. Then I thought, well why not me? Ha.

Fast forward, a week after my one-hour phone interview, I was selected for the next step. I had just under 14 days to submit a near 50-page proposal.

I can’t quite describe the feelings of excitement, anxiety and adrenaline that came over me all at once. I was so excited and grateful to prepare this piece that I lived and breathed it for two weeks, all while I juggled my full time legal gig (I still consult as an attorney when I’m back in the US half the year).  Still, it didn’t prevent me from completing the work and I even had one day to spare for editing and perfecting.  I was  >> Continue reading »