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Adventures in Cayo, Part I: My Top 5 Picks

What a first week in Belize! So many amazing adventures already. The Cayo District, where I’ve spent most of my time so far, is a great place to experience Mayan history and culture and enjoy the outdoors (rainforests) at the same time. These are my 5 favorite activities from the past week.

1.  Cave Tubing: Floating Through A Mayan Cave

Hop in the back of a tractor, stand and hang on for dear life to the side railing and to the pile of booeys in the centre of the truck.  The cave tubing adventure with Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch literally starts from the parking lot. A ride to the river and rainforest area where we take off, takes about 20 minutes. It’s a bumpy one, but it’s fun. And when the tractor heads toward a small stream, you’ll probably gasp and say “are we really driving through that?!” Yep, you do. And once at the entrance of the rainforest, the hike is only about five minutes to the entrance of the cave and the river where the tubing begins.

Life jacket on, our guide Arnold demonstrates quickly how to tube on the river and through a cave. Hop in the booey, lean back on the thicker side and put your legs over the front. Use your hands to paddle to where you want to go. Seven mile float through five different cave systems. Sounds easy, right? The scenery takes my my breath away as we enter the cave. My heart sinks that I don’t have my camera with me. Arnold had warned me that I would get all wet and it was too risky. But, if I keep it above my chest, or even cover it under my life jacket, won’t it be fine? I had tried and lost the argument.

We were tubing along, headlamps on, and before I knew it, the river was pushing me slowly, my hands in the water…what an awesome experience – floating through ancient Mayan cave, once a sacred place. The sound of the river alone makes me feel the spirits. I get distracted for a second while admiring the formations and before I know it, the water is pushing me another way – away from my fellow travelers and toward a rock! I panic. I splash my feet and my hands, to no avail. In less than a second, bam! I’m in the water. My scream followed by my laugh echo and Arnold, who is a little ahead, turns around. “You okay Lily?”  “Ummm…well, I’m in the water!” One of the other folks on my tour helps–>Continue reading Continue reading »