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Jamaica’s Best Beaches: My Top 10 Picks

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When people ask me where I’m headed and I respond “Jamaica,” they ooh and aah. No doubt because they’re picturing sun, sea and long stretches of white sand. And they would be right – Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s most popular island destinations, as we all know. But what many visitors also don’t realize, is just how many beautiful, accessible, safe and secluded beaches Jamaica offers. From west to east or north, and from white sand to black, the beach choices go way beyond the ones that are plastered in ads (like Doctor’s Cave beach in Montego Bay). And I dare say, the variety and quality rivals some of the Caribbean’s more “beach-driven” destinations like Barbados.

After four years of traveling around the island and spending several months at a time, I keep discovering more. But for now, these are my top 10 favorites (in no particular order of preference).

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