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A Raggamuffin Birthday in Belize


I have a good excuse for staying offline, folks! Last Wednesday was my birthday.

It gets more challenging each year to come up with a fun, memorable way to celebrate, this being my fourth birthday in Belize. My friend Stacy, however, who loves to explore as much as I do, suggested that we hop on Raggamuffin Tours’ popular three day overnight sailing trip from Caye Caulker all the way south to Placencia.

Three days drifting along Belize’s Caribbean Sea? It was a no brainer.

She signed us up early on but unfortunately, got tied up with work and wasn’t able to make it. So off I went for three days at sea, ready to unplug.

Knowing most of the islands and areas on the itinerary, I was eager to immerse in the natural beauty of the south coast and reef yet again. But I wondered what it might be like to sail on a catamaran for three days and Continue reading »

Postcards of the Week: Birthday Magic in Southern Belize

DSC_5979-2 copy.jpg

Yesterday–and for the third year in a row–I celebrated my birthday in Belize.

It was the perfect day for sailing on a catamaran and snorkeling along the southern cayes. The weather was nothing short of magical–the best we’ve had since I arrived a month ago to work on my first edition of Moon Belize Cayes. Calm seas, breathtaking views above and under water. Six hours of pure bliss.

I’ll let these photos tell the story. The only images you won’t see here are those of all the fish–barracuda, angelfish, Spanish mackerel–and loggerhead turtles we spotted along the way.

I’m ever grateful for another twelve months of health, travel and doing work I love. It may sound weird, but I feel younger every year.

If you’re ever in Placencia, be sure to book a trip with Jeff and his Daytripper Catamaran. You’ll feel as if you’re spending the day on >> Continue reading »