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Postcards in honor of Earth Day

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As a traveler I’ve gained a huge appreciation for how amazing this planet is that we live on, and the importance in doing my part in “traveling responsibly” wherever I go. So in honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d share just a few “blue and green” photos from places that have inspired me. Besides, it’s dark and rainy where I am and re-entry is >> Continue reading »

The Female Photographer Advantage

There’s one thing I’ve noticed over the last two years, particularly when I’m in the Caribbean: being a female photographer is a major ‘perk.’

When there’s a big, crowded event – whether it’s the Annual Grenada Sailing Festival, for instance, or even a live concert – there are many photographers around, all shooting around each other. However, they are often male. And that for me, translates into warmer reactions from the locals or from the performing artist, and in turn, shots and angles that no one else gets. Of course, that’s still only half the battle!