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Capture The Color Photo Contest

Last week, fellow travel photographer and blogger friend Laura Cook of With A Hope – whose photography I also love – nominated me to join in the Capture the Color photo blogging contest out of the UK.

The challenge is to post five photos that capture the colors red, green, blue, white and yellow.


It’s no secret that I love to show color in my shots — particularly when it comes to landscape and cultures in the Caribbean and Central America, where I’ve traveled the most the past three years.

But this time, I’m leaving out the landscape.

I chose to focus on the color of islands beyond the seas and the mountains or rainforests: the one that’s reflected in the people, who are full of energy and spunk, proud of their roots, living life to the fullest with what they have and without whom that pretty Caribbean landscape wouldn’t be as fun of a place to visit.

Let me know what you think! And please retweet it if you love it, there are some yummy prizes to be had (wink)!


It's Carriacou Carnival!

RED reminds me of Carnival in Carriacou, Grenada's tiny sister island. I got up at six o'clock in the morning on Friday to photograph the painting, dancing, and complete mayhem that is J'ouvert, all the way up to evelen. This reveler's red-painted body and costume caught my eye and she turned to face me while dancing. Her mood was infectious, a moment that still makes me smile when I look at this photograph.

The one thing I love about Belize is its passion for music, and at Belize's summer festivals are serious business! When I went north to Orange Walk to attend the annual summer fiesta, I had no idea what the plan was or when the festivities would start. Then I heard drums in the distance right after checking in at my hotel - the one sound I never, ever miss from miles away. I grabbed my lens and ran outside my room. In the distance were up to four marching bands coming my way. This one was my favorite - something about that BLUE in their costumes that must have made them beat those drums harder than anyone else.

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And It’s A Winner – Publication News

I’m happy to report that I was selected as a Finalist in The Guardian UK’s “Been There” April 2010 Photo Competition. The theme was “Architecture.” This is my second time being published in The Guardian. The first was here.

I snapped this shot in July 2009 when I was inside Paris’ fabulous and infamous Galeries Lafayette. Built in the shape of a theatre, it’s hard to miss the glamorous interior of this uber-chic department store.

You know you’ve gone from fashionista to photographer when instead of digging through clothes, you’re mesmerized by the architectural design of a place. At the end of the day though, it’s all art, isn’t it?