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Postcards from Curaçao and Work Updates

I cannot believe it has been (dare I say it) three months since my last update! That is definitely a first for this blog. But when I look back at how busy life and work have been this year–since I returned to be based in the Dominican Republic–I realize the old saying is true. No news is often good news. And in my case, it’s all great, both personal and workwise.

But first, wait! I’m writing this update right now from the bright, beautiful city of Willemstad, capital of Curaçao. Part of Dutch territory, Curaçao is far south of the Caribbean, outside the hurricane belt, with neighbors such as Aruba, Bonaire, and down further, Venezuela. It basks in beautiful, bright turquoise Caribbean

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Postcard of the Week: The Adventure Continues

CSC_8780 copy.jpg

I am nearing the end of my sixth month in Belizemy longest stretch in a single Caribbean or Central American country at one time since 2008, without hopping anywhere else in between. My last record was Jamaica, for five continuous months in 2009.

The thought of leaving Belize soon is a really sad one. And as I look back, I still pinch myself that I was here writing my first guidebook edition for Moon. The immigration officer I visit every month for my extension stamp, teased that I might as well stay for the year at this point, marry a Belizean or apply to become a resident (ha!). It really is easy to want to stay here. Yet, at the same time, my wanderlust is still alive and kicking, as I continue to dream of covering other destinations.

What to do? 😉