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7 Reasons I am heading to Guadeloupe Islands

Les Saintes Guadeloupe

I am stoked to share that in just under a week, I’ll be in Guadeloupe Islands, a gorgeous archipelago in the French Caribbean.

I’ve never shared a bucket list on my blog—I prefer to think of it as an “inspiration list”—but like every traveler, I have one in my mind for places I must experience and capture in my lifetime.

Guadeloupe is on that list.

I’ll be exploring as a guest of Guadeloupe Islands’ Tourist Board and ATOUT France, France’s Tourism Board, who have crafted an itinerary that blends culture and the outdoors. I’m thrilled that I’ll be experiencing it all with a small (operative word) number of journalists.

I’ve had dreams of La Guadeloupe since I was 12 or 13. So far back, I can’t recall.


It’s an official department of France, and for many years, a popular Caribbean escape for the French. As such, it used to be a relatively off the beaten path for North Americans. No direct flights, no English, no US dollar.

I looked into visiting in 2009, but flying from the US was at that time a conundrum of multiple connections and costly airfare (well over US$1,000 round trip). Coupled with civil unrest that year, I decided to postpone. I would get to Guadeloupe when the time was >> Continue reading »