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S&S ABROAD with Patricia Perkins Moses: Caribbean Retreat Coordinator, Private Yoga Instructor and Entrepreneur

I’m beyond excited about this month’s expat profile. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this woman is living on one of my dream islands, Martinique. (I know!)

Or maybe it’s because she’s the kind of strong-willed, smart and fearless woman who has always pursued her dreams – like creating and running a successful business in the Caribbean. Her “work” sounds too fun to call it work.

I met Patricia three years ago in St. Lucia when she took a friend and I out for a night on the town. We went to the weekly Friday night fish fry and had a great time. She was already a private yoga instructor and had recently set up a yoga retreat business. In the past three years, even more amazing things have happened for her – not the least of which was moving to Martinique!

But I’ll stop there and let you live vicariously through this month’s S&S ABROAD profile.  A big thank you to Patricia for making the time to share her story with us.


NAME: Patricia Perkins Moses

PATRIA: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

OCCUPATION: Caribbean Retreat Coordinator, Yoga instructor, Owner of Tropical Escapes



You grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. When did you first move abroad and how did that thought even come about to leave the US?

I left Salt Lake to attend the Evergreen State College when I was 18. It is a very liberal school not far from Seattle, Washington.

When I was a senior, I decided to spend my last semester abroad. I wrote a program of studies that allowed me to spend a few weeks in Barbados and then a few weeks in Dominica. I had a great experience and knew I wanted to return some day.

I was raised in Salt Lake but I was born in Athens, Greece where my family lived for a number of years.  My father was an international banker and spent a lot of time aboard so the thought of living somewhere else was not such a stretch for me.

Who knew! My dad was an international banking as well. What was it like to teach in Dominica? What about day-to-day living and expenses?

Dominica is amazing! Unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is a small, undeveloped, slow paced and not for everyone but for those >> Continue reading »