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Happy Independence Day to Belize!

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It’s hard to believe that this time last year, there I was, celebrating and prancing around the streets with Belizeans, camera in one hand and flag in another.

I spent the day in Belmopan first, the capital, and then moved on to Orange Walk for the annual Independence Day Carnival. Good times!

And here I am packing and planning for Belize all over again. This beautiful land just won’t let go of me, ha.  In fact, today I picked up my brand new passport–and the issue date is September 21. Coincidence? Methinks not!

Happy Independence Day to all Belizeans, have some One Barrel and Belikins for me!





Happy 50th Anniversary of Independence to Jamaica & Introducing “COLORS OF JAMAICA”



I can only imagine how festive it’s been this week in Kingston and all over the island, let alone tomorrow, August 6.  I had the option of heading there to take part in the festivities but instead, I chose to attend an important travel-related conference stateside.

I want to wish all Jamaicans a very Happy 50th Independence when it comes tomorrow! 

And I’m excited to introduce the title of and new website for my upcoming photography book celebrating the island:



Feel free to browse the book’s new site and the first blog entry.

One Love!