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15 Things I Did To Save for Long-Term Travel


When people find out or know you’re an attorney, they assume that you already have the means to travel. You’re made, for sure. That’s how you get to “jet set” around. It has to be.

Well, actually – it’s not true. In my case, the last time I saw a six-figure, recurring monthly salary for every month of the year was 2008. It was sweet while it lasted, but you know what’s funny? I don’t remember what I used to do with ALL that money. It seems like a fortune now.

I live a simpler life since leaving my cushy benefits and salaried job in Washington DC and I’m way happier. Less bills, less stress. Less STUFF. More funds and time to pursue my real passions.

How did I afford all those winters away for the past three and half years, three to five months at a time, and all those weekend hops here and there? Here’s the truth of how I did it.

1. I cut the cable TV

Honestly, I was never a television person in the US. I find it numbing. The drama, the bad news, the politics, the pop culture obsession – no thanks. I prefer to read the paper, books or watch documentaries and occasionally of course, movies. I could even save more if I switched to a go phone from my AT&T plan – which is ridiculously overpriced.

2. I rented my house

The house was a major headache – with the housing market in poor shape I somehow managed to rent it out, at a small loss. After a couple of years though, it became a nuisance to stock money into an asset that was devaluating. So I placed it on the market, and said prayers. In the end it all worked out and as of December 2011, I no longer have that burden.

3. I saved like mad

It was easy to do when I had the full-time job. But even afterwards, anytime I had income I would schedule automatic deductions into my >> Continue reading »