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Joining The Passport Party Project’s Advisory Board

Passport Party Project

I’m excited and honored to share that I’ve signed on as an Advisory Board Member for the Passport Party Project’s Phase 2.

You might remember the Passport Party Project from a previous post on my blog–welcoming the girls in a live message from Belize and also sharing a photo from the girls’ very first trip to the Jewel.

Since then, many great things have continued to happen for the Passport Party Project and its founder, Tracey Friley. Named 2013 National Geographic Traveler of the Year, she has gone on to create a second phase to the project, which will reward a second round of deserving girls with their very first passport!

As an advisory board member–there will be 20 of us seasoned travelers in total–I will help mentor a girl, helping her from passport >> Continue reading »

Postcard of the Week: Guadeloupe’s Black Sands

DSC_0817-2 C.jpg

One of several black sand beaches across the Guadeloupe Islands archipelago. This one is on volcanic Basse-Terre Island, and popular with surfers.

To learn more about Guadeloupe Islands, hop on today’s Tweet Chat at 2PM EST – hosted by the Guadeloupe Tourist Board and Recommend Magazine (hastag #RecGuad).