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Irma’s Wrath across the Caribbean: Updates & How You Can Help

The scene in a supermarket in Santo Domingo on Wednesday, the night before Irma was scheduled to strike the DR. Stores stayed open until 12am.

It has been a sad beginning to the month of September. This month is officially known as the most active in the June to end of October hurricane season for the Caribbean. Regardless, I have lived and spent many summers in the region to know well enough that the chances of a destructive hurricane hitting–of category 1 or 5–are super slim.

And then it happens. Hurricane Irma’s destructive path across the Caribbean region’s most popular destinations is heartbreaking. Read this article on The Guardian with a quick initial recap on the state of the various islands post-Irma.

1. Where to find official updates 

As media, I receive daily press releases on the current state of each island. I will share as much as I can, or you are free to inbox me for info. Your best bet, however, is to check daily updates on the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Storm Watch Center web page, with info per island as the news come

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Caribbean Week New York 2016: Receiving the Marcia Vickery Wallace Memorial Award for Excellence in Travel Journalism

Photos with the Jamaica Tourist Board–and the luncheon MC–after receiving my award.

Photos with the Jamaica Tourist Board–and the luncheon MC–after receiving my award.

Part One: The Awards Luncheon

Yesterday was a wonderful moment in my journey as a travel writer and photographer. I was honored with the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Marcia Vickery Wallace Award for Excellence in Journalism–a special award handed out by both the Jamaica Tourist Board and the CTO. Every year, the award celebrates a journalist who stands out for their unparalleled passion and dedication in promoting the Caribbean in various >> Continue reading »