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Where to Stay in Belize City: 6 Hotel Picks


Flying into Belize from North America means arriving into Belize City, anywhere from late morning to mid-afternoon.

Some choose to head straight to their next destination in Belize, while others stay in the city for a night, giving themselves time to rest and visit nearby attractions like the Belize Zoo or the Baboon Sanctuary.

Of course, some will tell you to “skip” this city altogether because “there’s nothing there” or “it’s dangerous.”

So before I talk hotels, I have to get this out: Belize City is like any other urban area in the world – it has its good and bad neighborhoods. It’s not any more dangerous than certain parts of say, Washington DC or Kingston. Stay north (where you’d be staying anyway and where downtown is), avoid the south, don’t walk alone at night (why would you anyway) and you’ll be just fine. Don’t let any of the “it’s so dangerous” comments you unearth online stop you from staying here for at least a full day.

Of course, safety should always come first wherever you go – no flashy jewelry or equipment in plain view, walk with confidence and if you can, don’t dress like you’re at the beach – it’s a city after all. (I know most of my readers already know this, just throwing it out there!)

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