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Reinventing the Caribbean: Updates and Reflections on the State of The Industry Conference (SOTIC2018)

The view from my room at the Atlantis on Paradise Island, Nassau, host of the Caribbean’s 2018 SOTIC conference.

“It’s a time to reinvent ourselves.”

These words stuck with me at the close of SOTIC 2018. They came from St. Lucia’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Dominic Fedee. The newly elected chair of the Caribbean Tourism Organization was addressing a room full of media on the last day of the annual State of the Industry conference.

His words neatly summarized a recurring theme throughout the sessions at SOTIC on the current state of tourism in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean: a region famously marketed as a paradisiacal escape of blues, friendly people, and all inclusive resorts. Perhaps because of this image and brand, it’s a region where visitors still have difficulty distinguishing one island country or territory from the other. This was painfully obvious last year, when the twin category

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Postcard: Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama Island

DSC_3808 copy.jpg

Gold Rock Beach, part of the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island, is a sight for sore eyes. Easily one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and certainly one of Bahamas’ top five stretches, this beach is actually best seen at low tide (morning to about 1pm). After that, I’m told the water covers the beach and rises up to knee-level.

Whatever you do here, whether swim or frolic on the rippled sand–remember that it’s a protected site, so leave only foot and hand prints.

There’s an entrance fee of $3 at the main entrance to the park. Once you’ve paid, step back out, cross the main road and follow a mangrove path that will lead you directly to this wondrous sight.


Note: As I’ve just returned from back-to-back trips to Guadeloupe Islands and Grand Bahama–while planning my upcoming trip to Belize–I’ll soon recap my travels and updates on the blog. For now, I hope you enjoy the images I will share over the coming weeks, time permitting. Also, stay tuned for release news on my upcoming mini guide Jamaica’s Best Beaches – it’s definitely taking place this month!