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#FriFotos: Glorious Lakes

A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth’s eye, looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.  ~ H. D. Thoreau


Sunrise on Taiwan's SUN MOON LAKE on a humid morning. Up early to enjoy the trails and take some shots, I thought I was the only one around until I heard light echoes. I looked over the railing and saw a couple of fishermen who were working and chatting.

LAKE SHALLA in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is absolutely breathtaking. In fact, I have yet to see more amazing lakes than in Ethiopia (no bias, of course!) This shot dates back to 2001, way before I knew about SLRs. I guess I loved travel photography even back then. I'm looking forward to returning to this lake (and Ethiopia) with my gear.


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Postcards of Ethiopia: Memory Lane


No matter how often I travel to other places, now and then I still miss my country, Ethiopia. I was born there and left when I was young but it’s still the culture I was raised in at home, and it’s where both of my parents come from. My roots are there and they remain firm.

Sadly, the last time I visited was 2002 – it’s been 10 years already! This was long before I had an SLR and before I knew I would take up travel writing and photography. While doing some “spring cleaning” this weekend, I stumbled on my old photos (above). It hit me how much I miss Ethiopia. I miss the view of mountains while driving through the city, I miss the warm smiles of the kids, I miss the hills and colors of the sky at sunset. I miss the hot spring showers, the food and the late-night traditional dancing and singing. I miss hearing mass from the churches and seeing the – Continue reading »