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Postcard of The Week: Penis Worship in Taiwan

Along my travels I’ve come across a lot of interesting statues, monuments, places and things of worship… but definitely not this one!

The first shot is the most decent I could take in-between giggles (mine and the others’ in my group).

We were spending a morning at the Formosa Aborigine Culture Village in central Taiwan – an amazing 150 acre theme park where all aspects of Aborigine life are displayed, from model homes to cultural dances and crafts. As I mentioned before, the Aborigines were the first inhabitants of Taiwan; there are 14 recognized tribes today, with the majority living in the mountains and on the east coast of the island.

This, my friends, represents the God of Fertility. The Aborigine belief is that a woman who wants to get pregnant must “worship the penis” – rub on it a few times for good luck.

Our guide Ivy told me that I shouldn’t just rub it, but hug it. I think she was pulling my leg! Ha! No way, I wasn’t going to stand there and glorify a penis, giant or not, in public no less. Or was I?  Ah hell, even if I definitely wasn’t trying to get pregnant, it was too funny of a photo op to pass up. Some day I might just look back on it and laugh, right? So I hugged, posed and tried not to look silly doing it. Don’t laugh! 

As we walked away, Ivy told me that if it worked, I should tell her so we could come back here to pay respects. She totally freaked me out for the rest of the day… thanks, Ivy!