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Talking Belize on Canada National Travel Radio

Radio Interview Informed Traveler Canada

In case anyone missed the announcement and my post on Facebook, here is the audio recording from my radio interview this past Sunday (April 6) with Randy >> Continue reading »

Postcards: Gardens of Chicago #Frifotos

DSC_6625-2 copy.jpg

When I read that this week’s Frifotos theme over on Twitter was gardens, my immediate thought was: Chicago!

My first visit to the windy city was this summer, and Chi-town blew me away — the lake views, the beaches, the stunning architecture and river, the grand plazas with statues and monuments, and lots and lots of parks. I almost felt as if I were in western Europe.

Everywhere I turned, there was a bench or a verdant corner where I could sit and watch the world go by. And did it ever go by! Cyclists, runners, moms with strollers, lovers napping and picnicking on the lawns, kids splashing about in fountains – it seemed as if  >> Continue reading »