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Postcard of The Week: Sunday Frolic

Date: March 7, 2010

Location: The Carenage, Grenada

Scene: It was a quiet, scorching Sunday afternoon and we were driving past the Carenage, Grenada’s habor, on the way to the city. I was gazing out the passenger window, when I spotted a group of kids playing, diving off a ladder and into the harbor. I yelled at my friend to stop the car and hopped out, barefoot and armed with my camera. Aside from these children, the Carenage was deserted – the complete opposite of the usual hustle and bustle in that area during the week. I knew I couldn’t miss the rare opportunity of capturing this unusual scene,  with Grenada’s famous harbor in the background.

Postcard of The Week: Sailor’s Son

Date: February 6, 2010

Location: Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Scene: It was the weekend of the Annual Sailing Festival in Grenada.  On a gloriously sunny Saturday, a young boy was watching his dad get ready to sail and race, standing right by him in the water. Pretty soon, the father shooed him out of the way and the boy started running in the opposite direction. I wanted to capture him while he ran away and as luck would have it, he happened to look straight at me at that moment.

*Addition*: Below is the same little boy, some 5 minutes before his dad shooed him away. I was watching him through my lens from a distance, just as intensely as he was watching his father set up. I just sensed he was about to do something unexpected or fun, and sure enough he didn’t disappoint!