Clip: Around the Dominican Republic, My Highlights

It has been an incredible journey traveling across the Dominican Republic to research my first edition of Moon Dominican Republic guidebook for Moon Travel Guides (releasing October 2016).

Join me on this six-minute visual trip across the Dominican Republic, highlighting some of my favorite moments over the past several months.  The footage is from my iPhone 6, with clips taken while juggling note taking, observing, interviewing and photographing, among other things!

The crazy part is that it’s not even a quarter of all I covered and explored for the book, but I hope it gives you a sense of how amazingly diverse, fun (oh so fun) and beautiful the DR is. It’s an independent traveler’s dream, offering nearly an entire Caribbean region’s landscape and activities in one country, as well as  unique features like pine forests at 8,000 feet above sea level, among other surprises.

Oh, and lookout for the audio message near the end.

Un viaje de seis minutos por la República Dominicana, destacando algunos de mis momentos favoritos mientras investigaba para mi primera edición de Moon Dominican Republic, una nueva guia de viaje para la editora Moon Travel Guides (USA). No es ni siquiera la mitad de mi recorrido or lugares visitados en los últimos meses -— pero espero que demuestre la belleza natural de este increible pais.

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