Garifuna and Belizean Music Legend Paul Nabor Passes Away

Today, Belize lost one of its national heroes and music legends–he was known as one of Belize’s Three Kings: the wonderful, talented Paul Nabor. He passed away earlier today at age 84.

My heart is full as I remember the precious moments I had the privilege of spending with him back in 2011. I will forever remain grateful for that afternoon I spent at his home in Punta Gorda. He played paranda ballads just for me and my host Bruno, for hours on end–at least two straight hours–pausing in between to share stories of his love life, of his travels all over the world to perform and his passion for music. He was 81 years old at the time.

“This is my wife,” I remember him saying to me with a smile, pointing to his guitar. I even had the privilege of seeing his very first instrument and taking his portrait photographs. He was so gracious and patient!

If I am able to dig up the images this week, I’ll share over the next few days, along with a blog post on my experience. In the meantime, here’s some (basic) footage I captured from that afternoon.

He told us that he was tired of traveling and even though he was still in demand and often asked to perform overseas, he felt he had done his work and he just wanted to stay put in his homeland, Belize. I was on an inspirational high for many weeks after that afternoon. His spirit touched me deeply.

May he rest in peace, as he so well deserves, and may we all remember his talent, as well as his kind and generous spirit.

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