Jamaica’s Best Beaches: A Book Cover and Update

After a couple of weeks of silence on the blog, furiously working behind the scenes as well as taking a well deserved break: I’m thrilled to share the final cover for my upcoming travel guidebook on Jamaica.

My talented artist friend and fellow writer Candace Rose Rardon–who designed my blog header last year–sketched my wish into reality: a colorful drawing reflecting the fun, whimsical, laid back and “every ting criss” (everything all right) vibe that Jamaica exudes, luring millions of visitors to her shores every year.

The above sketch is also inspired in part by one of my photographs–among a handful of favorites I sent to Candace–of a fishing village in the eastern parish of Portland, where fewer tourists venture.

I’ve always believed that a travel guide should be as fun, exciting and intriguing as the destination it covers–filled with vibrant images that will make you want to pack right away and go. And that’s what I hope to achieve with this book.

As the back cover (above) explains, this full color guide covers the five major beach destinations or areas–island wide– but it also goes beyond the best stretches and includes interior gems–from waterfalls to blue holes, from cultural festivals to roadside eats.

The title, Jamaica’s Best Beaches, was inspired by my most viewed blog post from 2011. Since that time until the present, I receive numerous emails from first-time visitors planning a trip and seeking help on where to begin. From couples to solo female travelers and families, the first question is always: what’s the best beach for us? And then, questions on activities and sights follow.

I wanted to use all my years of travel and knowledge of the island, and my deep love for it, to create an efficient way for folks to understand the various parts of the island and how to explore its best offerings in culture and nature. That’s why I decided to put this mini guidebook together, inspired in part by my shorter online Jamaica guide for AFAR, which I expand on significantly for this book.

In a month, I hope to share the final release date on Amazon.

Each chapter includes:

  • A selection of best places to stay
  • Best places to eat
  • Best sights and attractions, including little-known spots
  • Best beaches (in that area)
  • Travel and safety tips
  • At least 30 of my colorful photographs, covering most of the island

And! There will be a few more fun sketches (including maps) by Candace, and a Best of Jamaica section with an illustrated list of 25 Top Experiences!

As of today, the manuscript is complete (woohoo!) and will go to the editor first thing next week. My goal is to have it all ready for release by September.

Feel free to sign up below for release updates and giveaways.

One Love.


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  2. Miss Lily,
    Silver Seas Hotel is very excited about the release of the new Jamaica guide publication coming up in Sept. I am also impressed that the art work depicts Jamaica culture with authenticity

  3. @Diana – Thanks very much! I hope to do justice to your beautiful country.

    @Miss Donna – Thank you, that means a lot and I can’t wait to release it!

  4. Hey miss Lily when and where can I purchase this beautiful book?
    Thank you!

  5. Hi Beth!! You’ll be able to get it on Amazon in September – I’ll be sure to let you know the exact date when it’s ready! :) Thanks much!