The AFAR Guide to Jamaica is here

Most of you know that for the past few months, I’ve been working on several Jamaica projects. Two of these involved writing, illustrating and compiling two digital guides on Jamaica for AFAR: first, an “inspirational” guide (for later release this year), and second, a complete country guide.

It was not only exciting to write for AFAR, one of my favorite magazines and an award-winning travel outlet, but also to share the best of the Jamaica I know and love with readers.

My faithful blog readers know what Jamaica means to me–my first home away from home, where I first embarked in travel photography, blogging and writing. Where I headed after taking a leap of faith and leaving behind my legal career, not knowing where it would lead or whether the net would appear. It’s also where I spent many a winter season, exploring and living on the island for up to five months at a time, before I met Belize and started splitting my time between the two.

I’m overjoyed to share today–just as I prepare for another trip to the Rock–that my Jamaica country guide or the official AFAR GUIDE TO JAMAICA is now published online and available for your (and the world’s) viewing and reading pleasure. I’ll be updating and adding to the guide annually, as AFAR’s Jamaica expert.

Please feel free to share the guide and this post with your friends and contacts, whether they’re Jamaica-holics, newbies planning a trip or the wonderful folks in Jamaica tourism whom I’ve recommended across 14 parishes.

And stay tuned for more irie (as Jamaicans say) news on the remainder of my Jamrock projects.

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