Belize Cayes for Moon Guides: Cover Photo & Updates

I;m excited to share the final cover for the first edition of “BELIZE CAYES” for Moon Guides — my second guidebook — scheduled for release in the Fall of 2014. I’m even more stoked to share that the selected cover photo is mine.

I captured the above image at Laughingbird Caye National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and excellent snorkeling site off Belize’s southern coast. While I have a vast Belize photo library from the past four years and have been to many sites already, I make >> the effort to capture fresh photos each time I visit, with a new eye and new energy. I never settle and say “been there, done that,” photography-wise. The above shot is one from my recent trip (January-February 2014) while working on Belize Cayes and exploring multiple dive and snorkel sites in the south (as is this postcard I shared last week).

The BELIZE CAYES guidebook –approximately half the size of MOON BELIZEwill include:

  • The Northern Cayes and Atolls (of course – and updated to Spring 2014)
  • The Southern Cayes, with more islands included and information on resorts as well as dive and snorkel spots
  • The Deep Southern Cayes, including more detail on the Snake Cayes and Sapodilla Cayes
  • A front of book, illustrated underwater guide–where to snorkel and dive, and what marinelife to look out for. I’m every excited about this one- written by me and with select underwater photos by Tony Rath
  • Brand new custom itineraries, including my picks for the best in island hopping in Belize (and others that I can’t reveal yet)
  • The mainland jump off points to the cayes-including Dangriga, Placencia, Punta Gorda – and what to quickly experience inland on the way to the cayes

I will share Amazon pre-order information as soon as it’s available and keep you posted on an exact release date.

**MARCH 12 UPDATE: MOON BELIZE CAYES is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Get it now at a locked in special of just $13.**

It’s been a grueling but exhilarating past two years–how time flies–working on my first two guidebooks for Moon one after the other, and the experience has been invaluable.

A fellow writer recently asked if I didn’t tire of Belize after writing about it so much. It has never once crossed my mind. If anything, getting to know Belize at a higher level with each book (and I knew a lot starting out, having traveled up and down solo for several years) is a constant reminder of how unique of a destination it is in the region.

There just aren’t many places in the Caribbean or Central America like the Jewel and all it has to offer in one small place. It still boggles my mind. I knew this before writing for Moon Guides, and I am ever convinced of that fact after 500+ pages and four solid years of Belize exploration, writing and photography.

I hope you love the cover photo – feel free to share this post.

Plan your trip with me: MOON BELIZE ranked #1 bestseller in the Moon Guides series on Amazon several times throughout the past couple of months. And if you’re an island and water aficionado like me, you’ll want to stay tuned for a pre-order of BELIZE CAYES.

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