Grenada’s Carenage

Grenada is one of those islands in the Caribbean that not many North Americans reach, simply because it’s one of the farthest down a tempting line of Eastern Caribbean plots. Therefore, it takes longer to get there, and it’s also a little more of an expensive destination. There aren’t many solo travelers–you will meet couples on honeymoon, or international medical or veterinary students attending St. George’s University, who in the end, are visiting as well.

I headed to Grenada in February 2010, on a hunch, one that proved to pay off very well, as I was to discover later.

My initial surprise with the island, however, was how picturesque it was; and not just in the hills, but right in town. On my first full day exploring solo, I tried to get a shot of Grenada’s infamous “Carenage,” known to be one of the Caribbean’s prettiest inner harbors, from the top of Fort George. I wasn’t yet familiar with the best vantage points, but even experimenting, I realized quickly that this would be one of the most unique islands to photograph. And as destiny would have it, I ended up spending two months living in Grenada, after being commissioned by the tourism board to take brand new photographs for their stock library and website. Travel (and I suppose you could say that about life) has a way of rewarding you for your efforts.


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