Moon Belize 2013: A Cover, A Release Date and Other Exciting News

I have exciting news. Three little joyful updates that I can finally share with all of you.

1. The New Cover

Above is the cover for my first (and the next, tenth) edition of Moon Belize. I’m still stoked that my photo was selected.  If you look very closely, that’s the reef in the background. Hold off on guessing the location, I’ll be running a little contest over on Facebook soon!  **Oops, out of sheer excitement, a Facebook friend accidentally disclosed the location – ha! – so I can now tell you this shot was taken from Pelican Beach Resort on South Water Caye, off the coast of southern Belize – one of my absolute favorite spots. In fact, when I tie the knot some day, I think it will have to be here.

2. The book will be printed in full color

For the first time, the book will be printed in full color, front to back! No more black and white photos. My images of Belize will come to life, beyond the front of book section. Aah… all those long hours and days lugging my equipment, sweating, composing… all worth it. As a travel photographer, I couldn’t be any more excited or grateful. And for months, I’ve been dying to share this news with you all.

3. Moon Belize 2013 is now listed on Amazon: You can pre-order it right now

You can now view my book up on Amazon — the summary is currently being tweaked, per my request — and save your copy by pre-ordering it now at a discount! Feel free to share the link or this blog post with friends or colleagues who may be interested.


  1. My heart still leaps with the images of Belize & flutter with excitement for you. WTG Sisterfriend!

  2. Thank you so much, Jacquie!! Great to hear from you. Did you end up moving to Belize? :-)

  3. Phyllis Cayetano

    Wondering if Therese R had brought uou to our house for a visit?
    Anyway – congratulations! Awesome picture and so excited to see my Belize through your lens!

  4. Hi Mrs. Cayetano! Thank you so much! And yes – Therese brought me over to your house one evening, when I was asking you and your husband for hours about Dangriga, your school and the Garinagu. Thank you both for being so generous with your time — and I’ll never forget that I sat in the very living room where the Garifuna National Council was first created! :)

  5. Congrats! You have taken yet another picture where I want to jump into. Brava!

  6. Thanks Diana! You will have to go one day soon (after December, LOL) and jump in that water!

  7. I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of you… I remember when you were nervously preparing to leave, and look at you today, it’s completed and a wonderful piece! Congratulations Lily, you deserve this and MANY more!!! ~Carol

  8. Carol – thank you! I remember like it was yesterday, and was mentioning it to another friend today. By God’s grace I figured it all out on my own and am really amazed how I even managed to squeeze in some fun! :) All my pre-trip preparation was key, for sure. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot! Now we must find a way to be in Belize at the same time!

  9. And yes it’s aaaaalmost complete – the book is scheduled to be in print and on shelves in the Fall.