Publication Update: Interviews on Guidebook Writing

While recovering from seven months of travel and tackling re-entry, I’ve been answering interview questions about my experiences as a first-time guidebook writer, and dishing about my favorite place: Belize. I hope you all enjoy the read.

1. What it takes to be a travel guidebook author: Conversation with Lily Girma (Matador Network)

2. A guidebook author’s top 10 for Belize (Matador Network)

3. Round The World Photo Carnival (The Nomadic Family)

If you stumbled on my blog from the above links, welcome. Browse more of my articles here and here.


  1. Hi I enjoyed reading your article in Matador. You’ve inspired me to follow my own dream of being a travel writer — though it seems to be more work than I thought! I grew up in Jamaica so I can relate to many of the places you mention in your pieces. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Ruthie,
    Thanks for your note and for stopping by! It is definitely a lot of work, like every other profession in life. Loving what you do is what makes the difference. I had a fantastic time, as hard as I was working, I loved every aspect of it and hardly felt it. Wishing you all the best in your travel writing!

  3. Enjoyed reading the interview. I find the process a writer /photographer goes through in creating their work every bit a fascinating as the content itself. Thanks for sharing. The amazing book cover captures my favorite images of Belize: sea, sand, coconut palms, and a hammock beneath. Congratulations. Hope some hard copies of your book find their way onto Caye Caulker when they’re released.Bright days ahead, Rob

  4. Hi Rob, thanks very much for reading and sharing! I do wish I were back in that scenery of sea and sand… and that’s the reef, too, in the background. :) I will make my way back to Caye Caulker, hopefully next year, and bring some copies with me for sure. You can also pre-order them on Amazon, as of now. And cheers to bright days ahead!