Update from Belize: Where I am and Where I’m Headed

September is going to be my busiest and most exciting month yet in Belize (if that’s possible!). I’ll be traveling to the South of the country and in between I’ll be returning to Belize City to cover the 30th Independence events.

Right now I’m in Hopkins for just a day and a half. Hopkins is a Garifuna village – the African side of Belize if you will, and I’ve heard great things about it. Oh and it’s on the beach, too (hello!). After Hopkins, I’ll head back to Belize City on Friday for Belize Carnival weekend, one of the major highlights of the September Celebrations.

In the meantime, I’m getting off the computer to go explore… stay tuned for more on Hopkins!

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  1. beautiful…. I love this pic!!!!

  2. September is an exciting month indeed. Beautiful picture!