Postcards from Belize: Flying Around Belize With Tropic Air

You’re probably wondering how on earth I’ve been getting from one point of Belize to another these past couple of weeks, especially since I’ve been shuffling back and forth to Belize City for the September Celebrations.

Well, thank God it’s not by bus. Don’t get me wrong, the bus system is good and consistent, but it would take much longer for me to get to some areas, like Punta Gorda in the very south. So instead, I’ve been flying Belize’s main domestic airline: Tropic Air.

The flights out of Belize City are from the municipal airport, not the international one. And sometimes the flight is full, and other times, it’s just me (love it!).

When I went from Belize City to Punta Gorda after Carnival, I got to sit right next to the pilot. It’s a propeller plane, but not as scary as I thought. And the views are spectacular.

The best part about flying around Belize domestic though, is the easy check-in process.

No long lines, no dragging your luggage while you check-in. And when my flight is at 8 AM and I have a heavy suitcase, trust me I can appreciate the heck out of that!

Like last Sunday, when I headed to Tropic Air for my flight to Punta Gorda. As soon as I stepped out of the taxi, a Tropic Air staff member—>Continued–> grabbed my suitcase, ready to tag it.

“Where are you going, miss?”

“Punta Gorda.”

“Oh, but you’re early!” he said, smiling.

It’s 7:35.  Early for an 8AM flight. I laughed.

Most folks who have reservations don’t need to show up until ten minutes before the flight.

He tagged my suitcase anyway and put it on a cart for later.

When I went inside the air-conditioned lounge to check in, all I had to do was give my last name.

I had twenty minutes to kill. I looked through the glass windows from time to time to see if the plane had arrived. A staff member offered me coffee, I hadn’t even noticed the fresh pot. Nice.

When the plane landed, I walked outside and was by the plane in just a few steps, ready to board. Because it was just me, I was asked if I wanted to sit next to the pilot.  Definitely. I could get the best shots from there.

As I climbed up with the help of another Tropic Air staff member, I thought, if only flying everywhere was this easy and hassle-free! Those were the days…

The pilot welcomed me, as if he had a full plane. “Welcome to Tropic Air, our flight time to Punta Gorda will be 50 minutes. Sit back, and enjoy!”

50 whole minutes on this propeller?!  But in no time, we were up in the air and the gorgeous views took over my thoughts. Views of Belize City as we left, and views of a very green Toledo District as we approached. The ride was smooth and I watched my pilot, super attentive, turning this or that button along the way. Once in a while he asked if I was fine, and I gave him the thumbs up.

When we touched the ground in Punta Gorda, I was surprised that I barely felt the landing. Barely.

I’m flying Tropic Air again on Saturday to Belize City for the September 10 celebrations, a major independence holiday here. I’m looking forward to some of the new aerial shots I’ll be getting. Now what I’d really love, too, is a flight over the Cayes.

Thanks to Tropic Air for providing me with flights to and from Belize City, allowing me to experience all the key events of Belize’s 30th Independence Celebrations! Tropic Air also flies to the Cayes and to all of Belize’s Districts. Please visit their website for more info, from flight times to online flight bookings.


  1. I love Tropic Air- and the whole experience of flying domestically in Belize. While I have no trouble driving or busing to another part of the country, the Tropic Air flights are so hassle free and fun… which is more–much more–that I can say for the US these days.

  2. very nice aerial shots Lily!… btw Tropic Air is my preferred domestic airline too…. good choice! :-)