Where I am and Where I’ve Been: A Map of Belize

Belize is a big place! So many towns and so many activities to come. I thought it would help to see on a map where I am right now and where I’ve been.

Just as it irks me when people say “I went to Africa,” I want to give a clear idea of where in Belize I’m experiencing all of these fabulous adventures that I’ve written about or will write about.

So check out the map below.

I’ve marked my movements in orange – from Belize City, where I started, to Belmopan in the west, which happens to be Belize’s capital and where the adventure jungle lodge Caves Branch (where I rappelled) is located. Belmopan is in the Cayo District.

And now, I’m the town of San Ignacio, which is also in the Cayo District.

San Ignacio is one of the most mixed areas in the country. Mestizos, Creoles, Mayans, Chinese, Mennonites, Lebanese, and even some Garifunas all live here. The town’s residents are used to seeing tourists – as Cayo is one of the best areas for hiking inside Mayan caves or visiting Mayan temples.

My first stop in or near San Ignacio: the Chaa Creek Eco Lodge. Lots of stories and images coming up this week – including a round-up of my favorite adventures of the week.

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  1. Great idea! Now I will be able to visualize better where you are. It’s nice to follow along on your adventures…even better with a map. Enjoy!

  2. Lebawit Lily Girma

    Thanks Cathy! :-) Glad you’re finding it useful!