Special News: I’m The Next Belize Road Warrior

 I’m super excited to announce that I’m the next (and second) Road Warrior for the Belize Tourism Board and the Matador Travel Network. For the next three months, I will be based in Belize, working as a travel writer and photographer.

The Road Warrior Program was launched in March 2011 and it’s a first initiative of its kind between the Belize Tourism Board and a major online travel magazine and blog such as the Matador Network.

The goal: to showcase a unique destination such as Belize through the eyes of a long-term travel blogger.

It’s an amazing opportunity offered to those of us who graduate from the Matador Network’s travel writing or travel photography course (“MatadorU“) to do what we love full-time: write and/or shoot. And for readers, it’s a chance to learn about Belize from the perspective of a traveler who is on the ground immersing in all things Belizean.

I’m also the Road Warrior Program’s first photographer (so excited!). Through both words and images, I’ll be sharing my next 90 days in Belize with you as I go all around the country. My main theme: adventure travel. Stay tuned to find out what I get into (read: everything from repelling to diving). And when I’m not hanging upside down from a rope or floating through caves, I’ll be capturing portraits for a “Faces of Belize” project.

My articles and photography will be published every week on the Matador Network, and my blog will be updated regularly with images and lots of stories and tidbits on Belize.

Joining the Road Warrior program is one of the most positive steps forward for my travel photography and writing since I embarked on pursuing my passion 2.5 years ago and since completing MatadorU’s travel photography course. It’s literally, my dream job.

So if you’ve always wanted to visit Belize or want to learn more about it, this is your chance to watch it all unfold!

I arrived in Belize late Friday, and it’s been an amazing start so far: from waking up to birds chirping at the beautiful Belize River Lodge, to learning about medicinal plants, to spotting howler monkeys and sampling my hosts’ traditional Belizean cooking.

I’m sitting on the porch at the lodge right now, taking in the night breeze and listening to nature all around me as I write this first post.

Three months to go, and it’s going to be one un-Belize-able ride! :-)

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  1. What can I say! Just Fab!!! I will be following your adventure!

  2. Simply wonderful Lily….you have worked so hard, and now it has paid off!
    What a fabulous experience….and I look forward to following your adventures, through you writings and photos!

    Congrats Lily…. :)

  3. So excited to follow along, Lily!

  4. You go girl!….you’re living your dream….more power to you!

    I’m always loving your wonderful photography….waiting for more from Belize!

  5. Congrats, Lily!
    Judging by that mangrove shot, I think I’m going to enjoy what you’ll have to show us. :)

  6. This is exciting! Have a great time!!!

  7. Great news Lily! Looking forward to the updates. Best of luck.

  8. Hal-
    You should recognize that guy in the front of the boat! (Tom Gates) :)

  9. Lebawit Lily Girma

    Yes I was actually going to Julie! :-)

    Thank you everyone for your kind words!! Looking forward to bringing you more! :-)

  10. I was just reading about Belize the other day and now I can hardly wait to read along on your 3 month adventure. This is on my bucket list of places to go! Have fun and take lots of photos.

  11. Julie–are you serious?? What’s he doing there?

  12. He was here on vacation! But we’ve drafted him into business. :) More on that soon.

  13. Congrats Lily! Hope you have a fantastic time.

  14. Congrats Lily! Looking forward to following your travels in Belize.

  15. Lily,

    I’m so impressed! Bravo!! This is very motivating and inspiring!! can’t wait to read on!! :))

  16. I have an incredible cave trip located near San Jose Succotz I would like to show you! Actun Chapat and Halal. 665-2808 when you get to the Cayo District!

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