Meeting Mutabaruka, Jamaican Artist and Legendary ‘Dub’ Poet

Meet Jamaican artist and dub poet: Mutabaruka.  I was introduced to him yesterday at the all-day Peter Tosh Tribute and celebration held at the Peter Tosh Memorial in Belmont, Jamaica. A rastafarian gentleman I had been chatting with earlier told me that Mutabaruka was present, and personally led me to him. “Muta” was indeed in a corner surrounded by a huge crowd of rastas, speaking and exchanging ideas. I thought it would be impossible to interrupt the discourse but the Rasta successfully caught Muta’s attention by tapping him on the arm. Muta, you have to meet this sistren, he said, she is from Ethiopia. Muta stopped everything for a few minutes, shook my hand and and was happy to have me stay and take a few shots of him. He sure made a great subject.  Stay tuned for more shots from the Peter Tosh Tribute day.