Light at The End of The Cave

Has it really been almost a month since my last post?

I’ve been in a cave.  A cubicle-sized cave.  Buried in legal work at the firm, away from daylight.  It’s dark when I leave home and it’s dark when I return.

The case I’m on is a beast – and it has required my full attention for the next couple of weeks. Six a.m. alarm clocks,twelve hour days, metro, home, and bed. Repeat.

Perhaps an additional week of it, but in the meantime here’s a shot from Belize. This amazing cave I explored on my way south with a wonderful couple I met at my lodge in San Ignacio. We hopped in the car and went from San Ignacio all the way south to Placencia. But on the way, we knew we had to stop at the Blue Hole National Park. Lo and behold, there was yet another cave to explore there: St. Herman’s Cave. After some hiking inside, I looked back and saw the light peering through.

Some days (or even months) can seem dark, grey, long and never ending. It seems it’s one thing after another. We get discouraged, we pause our plans, we get caught up in daily nonsense, we dwell on negativity and we lose the bigger picture. We mess up but then we get back up, we realize there’s only one life to live and we must march on toward our dreams. Because in the end, there is always light… light at the mouth of the cave. All you have to do is look up and you will see it.


  1. LOVE IT!

  2. Very well written and truly heart felt!

    Stay Blessed,Lily!

  3. Until you too have journeyed (a poem)
    by Kei Miller

    Until you too have journeyed through caves,

    …through miles of damp and bats, the cool

    of all that is not living; until your one torch

    has flickered out and you have found yourself

    in a dark so dark you forget your eyes

    or if they are opened; until you’ve had to find

    a way, inch by careful inch, stopping to invent

    an arrow out of wind; until you discover

    how the feel and sound of stone or pebble

    can exist without an image, the very thought

    of colour competing for the air; until you too

    have lost the day and the day has lost you

    and it dawns on you, how foolish to have come

    willingly to where the dead are put; until then

    do not scoff at what has become our common

    language for tomorrow and hope, this bright opening,

    this end of dark, this light at the end of the tunnel.

    From A Light Song of Light (Carcanet 2010)

  4. Thank you thank you Chyrisse!!

    RM, thank you so much!! I sometimes forget how much I love to write. :) Bless!!

    Thank you Seveen, I love love love the poem!