Publication update: My Image in Lonely Planet Travel Magazine

 I am super excited to share with you that my latest photo publication is in this upcoming, September 2010 issue of Lonely Planet Travel Magazine. The editor loved my Jamaica stream and approached me in search of an image representing an “authentic Jamaican beach experience.”

With Jamaica holding a special place in my travel heart– as you all know – it only made me happier to have my favorite island and my image of a bonfire night on a Jamaican beach selected as part of the magazine’s yearly “best travel experiences” list.

Oh and of course, it feels great to see my photo and my credit published in a major travel publication, not to mention getting paid for doing what I love!

As we, repeat-Jamaica visitors already know,  and as the Jamaica Tourist Board says so well – once you go, you know.


  1. Way to go, gurl! Gettin’ thru! :))

  2. Awesome job! You should be proud :)


  3. The sky is the limit especially when one is so passionate about something. It seems to take the work out of it! Way to go girl….!!!!

  4. Thank you Lolly! Yes, indeed.:)

    Thank you Jackie, I’m ecstatic!

  5. Thank you Cathy!! :) It does not feel like work at all!


    GO GIRL!!!


  7. Wow Lily! Congratz to you!!

  8. Congrats Lily! Super proud of you :)

  9. Congratulations, Lily! SO excited to see your wonderful work published!

  10. Fantastic. Congratulations!

  11. Thank you so much Nany!

    Thanks Adri, hope you found a photographer for your wedding?

    Lola, thank you so much! You continue to be my role model! :-)

    Julie you too – thank you! and all you do at Matador.

    Carlo, thanks much! Hope you are enjoying your adventure!

  12. Thanks Mary! Thanks AdventureRob!

  13. You are one of my favorite photographers. Your shots capture the real beauty of the islands…your love shows through in your photography…

  14. P.S. my favorite picture is still the one from room one with the three lawn chairs and it is raining…I think I need one of those for the wall in room one….

  15. Thank you Debbie! And yes that is one of my favorites too :-) consider it done! Next time I visit Negril, hopefully soon.

  16. NICE LILY!!!! That’s awesome and a great shot.

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