For The Love of Fishermen: Photographing Passion

I have a fascination with fishermen. I could watch them for hours, photograph them endlessly. Whenever I travel in the islands, I find them, I’m drawn to them. Maybe it’s because I feel their passion – and through my lens I witness how they absolutely love what they do, and do for hours. It’s that same passion that fuels me when I have my camera in hand and I try to capture that perfect moment. It’s also that same passion that I’ve been seeking to find in the last year and a half, since leaving my full-time corporate law job at a prestigious law firm to find my true calling. Being around fishermen, capturing their lives or the lives of those who love what they do (like recording artists) is a gift, and my reminder of what it’s all about.

What about you guys – is there any profession you find inspiring?


  1. Dearest Lily:

    It has been a pleasure sharing your journey these past few years. I meet many people but very few are keepers like you. Your images bring some of things I love about life to me where ever I am. Thank you.


  2. Dear Chyrisse, thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me and what I do. This is in part why I love travel – because I meet some of the most genuine and unique people, not only locals/residents but also those who like me share a love for the world – that’s you! Thank you for supporting me along my journey!