Postcard: Snorkeling At The Indians

The best snorkeling spot in the British Virgin Islands, off of Tortola, is called The Indians.

On board a catamaran for a day trip to Norman Island, I captured fellow snorkelers from a distance before jumping in there myself. Swimming around and below these rock formations was amazing.

Note: My “Postcards” are part of my Travel Photography class’s weekly “Photo Lab” submission. Every Tuesday, students have the opportunity to submit one photograph to be critiqued by top professional published photographers such as Gail Mooney-Kelly who has been shooting for National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Time/Life and the Smithsonian, among others.

Having said that, whether you’re a pro or not, feel free to also jump in and comment on what you like about this image – or any other feeling it may be bringing out in you.


  1. aaah, wish I was swimming in those blue waters right now! Very nice “indians” ;))

  2. Amazing place. It’s been a while since I made it there!
    Gorgeous colors, as always, too.

    How is your course work coming? We’ve all seemed to slow down lately!

  3. Thanks Lorraine, and Jeff!

    Jeff – I know what you mean! – I’ve had a lot on my plate these last two weeks (including looking for a place/moving) and lost momentum. Hoping to get back on track sometime this week!