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New Year’s Weekend in Belize: Hello 2012!

My New Year’s weekend was an eclectic mix of colorful, funny and reflective moments – from delicious food (I swear if I lived in Cayo I’d be huge), great friends and unusually cool weather, to dancing to a sweat on New Year’s eve (the fashion police would’ve had a field day with the gold sequin jumpsuits), adjusting to the sounds of roosters and dogs at all times of the night, and waving down an ice cream truck as it sped down the Western Highway (he actually pulled over for us – only in Belize!).

A friend I made during my last trip (as a Road Warrior for the Belize Tourism Board) was kind enough to host me for the entire weekend and it made all the difference – traveling and staying in the Cayo District like a local, like family.

I remembered how scenic and relaxing this area is and how easy it is to leave the city and enjoy some of the prettiest interior of Belize in just a little over an hour’s drive.

Here’s a collage of my most memorable moments of New Year’s weekend in the towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. It bodes pretty well for 2012 I say!

(Most of the images above were taken with my I-Phone. Please note ~ All writing and photographs, mobile and otherwise, on this website are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced without permission.)

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Postcard from Belize: Independence Shopping in San Ignacio

Belize Carnival is tomorrow, Saturday 3rd of September. Last week it dawned on me that I have nothing cute in my suitcase that is in Belize’s flag colors: red, blue or white. Not sure how that happened. It probably has something to do with packing at one o’clock in the morning after a 23-hour flight back from Taiwan!

To the rescue: fabulous fellow-fashionista Joanna from Ka’ana Resort, who took me to her favorite store in San Ignacio (in the Cayo District) earlier this week.

Sure enough, the window was ready for Independence season.

And now I’m ready for J’ouvert and Carnival tomorrow in Belize City.

Thanks Jo, you rock!

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