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Postcard of the Day: Portrait of A Guadeloupean Farmer

The Sugar Cane Farmer_DSC_1817_LGIRMA.jpg

Sharing a second portrait of Mr. Alex, the proud sugar cane farmer I mentioned in my recent photo essay on Guadeloupe’s warm and >> Continue reading »

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The warm faces of Guadeloupe #Frifotos

This week’s FriFotos theme is “Thanks.”

While I could produce an endless photo essay on the blessings that have come my way in 2013, I chose to focus on one of my recent moments of gratitude: the warm welcome I received while visiting Guadeloupe Islands this month.

Long after the stunning scenery, delicious meals and adventure activities, it’s the faces I remember. The stories, the hospitality, the smiles.

If Jamaicans set the bar for friendliness in the English-speaking Caribbean, Guadeloupeans do so for the French side. I was struck by how polite and welcoming the people are on this French yet African-spirited archipelago, even beyond the service in restaurants or the constant “bonjour” I received when passing a stranger, from urban areas to rainforest trails.

It’s one of the main reasons I felt like returning.

Below are just a handful of the wonderful souls who made my trip that much more memorable, from scheduled to serendipitous encounters.

c34-DSC_3957 copy.jpgDSC_3979 copy.jpg

Have you ever set foot in a market anywhere in the Caribbean where the first thing a vendor did was smile and invite you to “come, take pictures”? And that “you have a nice camera, might as well use it”? Unobtrusive and charming, they were as curious >> Continue reading »

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