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Postcard of the Week: Portrait of A Lighthouse Keeper

c34-DSC_6701-2 c2.jpg

As time permits this week, I plan to share portraits of some wonderful people I met while writing my second guidebook, Moon Belize Cayes.

Although the fun side of my work allows me to meet intriguing characters, I often don’t have the time to capture everyone who crosses my path. But when I see a striking face and a personality that embodies what I consider to be “Belize,” I do my best to capture their portrait and add them to my Faces of Belize project that I started in 2011.

Here’s one I took a little over a week ago of Mr. Domingo Lewis, the lighthouse keeper on Hunting Caye, one of Belize’s most remote islands in the deep southern marine reserve of the Sapodilla Cayes.

“The lighthouse isn’t working at the moment, so I guess I’m on vacation!” he said, smiling and taking it upon himself to show me the most beautiful side of his island.

After our tour ended and I headed back to neighboring Lime Caye,  he stopped by a couple of hours later to visit with his friends on the island and catch the sunset. He brought a bottle of local rum and sliced a fresh coconut to mix. “Ah, beautiful Belize!” he kept >> Continue reading »

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Postcards of the Week: Birthday Magic in Southern Belize

DSC_5979-2 copy.jpg

Yesterday–and for the third year in a row–I celebrated my birthday in Belize.

It was the perfect day for sailing on a catamaran and snorkeling along the southern cayes. The weather was nothing short of magical–the best we’ve had since I arrived a month ago to work on my first edition of Moon Belize Cayes. Calm seas, breathtaking views above and under water. Six hours of pure bliss.

I’ll let these photos tell the story. The only images you won’t see here are those of all the fish–barracuda, angelfish, Spanish mackerel–and loggerhead turtles we spotted along the way.

I’m ever grateful for another twelve months of health, travel and doing work I love. It may sound weird, but I feel younger every year.

If you’re ever in Placencia, be sure to book a trip with Jeff and his Daytripper Catamaran. You’ll feel as if you’re spending the day on >> Continue reading »

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