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Postcard of the Week: A Martinican Yoleur

DSC_9650 copy.jpg

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for some time, you might remember an old, brief post of mine about “The Female Photographer Advantage” in the Caribbean. I was a budding travel photographer on my first big break: an editorial and web shoot for the Grenada Tourist Board.

Of course, I prefer to get to know my subjects to extract the most natural and striking portrait possible. But when time is short, or I’m traveling with a group and the pace is hectic–like at major festivals–I remain thankful for the ability to stand out in a sea of male journalists and photographers. And for rarely having to actually ask for a portrait–the nod of approval is almost immediate, unspoken or told with a smile.

Captured last week, this portrait of a Martinican Yoleur (who sails a traditional Yole boat) came about after I spent a few minutes–while waiting on my lunch to >> Continue reading »

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Dancing under the Shed in Belize (#FriFotos)

Moon Post

This Friday’s #FriFotos theme is love. What I love the most about travel are cultural experiences, especially festivals and rituals.

In the above article for Moon.com, I tell the story of my first time “dancing under the shed” to Garifuna drums on the eve of Settlement Day, in Dangriga, Belize.

This post is part of a month-long series of articles by various Moon guidebook authors on their favorite end-of-year celebrations in their >> Continue reading »

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