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Introducing DRVisitor.com: A New Cultural and Adventure Travel Website on The Dominican Republic

I’m excited to introduce you to my latest project and creation. Dominican Republic Visitor or DRVisitor.com: a companion website and blog for my new Moon Dominican Republic guidebook for Moon Travel Guides, which released a month ago and is already receiving rave reviews.

In this age of technology and online travel planning, I thought it would be of great benefit for my readers to find excerpts and updates of my DR material on the web in between editions.

The website is also my aim to keep inspiring and encouraging more cultural and immersive travel, outdoor adventure, and sustainable tourism  in the Dominican Republic.

The site is filled with vibrant images–another chance to showcase and share with you the many images I have from around the country–and footage.  I will share narrative travel stories as well as travel tips–to help you experience the soul of the Dominican Republic.

You can read about DRVisitor.com’s full mission here.

Browse the website’s various categories–from Where to Stay, to Background information, and Experiences–and keep and eye on the blog for weekly posts. You can also join the site through Facebook and Instagram.

For now, I also leave you with the most recent share: my expert list of Best Beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Happy Wednesday!


Devastating Floods hit Puerto Plata and North Coast of Dominican Republic: Here’s How You Can Help

 There are sad news out of Puerto Plata province and neighboring provinces of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Many of you know that the north is one of my favorite parts of the country. It’s where I wrote my first >> Continue reading »