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Postcard of the Week: Fishermen on the Samana Peninsula


This month, I’m making my rounds across the Samana Peninsula for my first edition of Moon Dominican Republic. This is one of the most gorgeous parts of the country–in the top three, I’d say. Ask any Dominican who travels about Samana, and the gushing begins… especially when it comes to the beaches. Long, golden stretches sitting at the foot of towering green hills densely packed with coconut trees. And to boot, a slow and more traditional pace of life.

I spotted the above scene as soon as I stepped out of the car and onto the beach, on the far opposite end from this family of fishermen. It was blazing hot, but I ran what felt like at least a mile down the stretch to reach them and take closer shots. I loved that they were all working together, young and old, some stopping to take a breath, others continuously pulling the heavy net. All against Samana’s stunning background of blues and greens.

I’ll share a postcard of the week on the blog going forward, from my journey around the DR.

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Postcards from Saona Island, Dominican Republic


(Above image captured from a moving speedboat)

It’s been insanely busy! As you can tell from my few posts lately. Since I’m working on a first edition of Moon Dominican Republic and traveling around the country writing and researching, I won’t be able to do lengthy, substantive posts just yet. But I can certainly bring you postcards! Warning: these photos might make you immediately book, pack and go to the Dominican Republic.

This month, I am wrapping up my time on the Punta Cana–Bavaro and La Romana–Bayahibe coasts, and heading up to the Samana peninsula next (brace yourselves for even more stunning sights).

In the meantime, below are a few of my images from Isla Saona, off the coast of Bayahibe, and one of the top most

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