Postcards from The Dominican Republic


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Postcards from Banana Bank Lodge, Belize

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When I love a place and I’m invited back for a stay, it’s a no brainer to return. That’s the case with the Carr family and Banana Bank Lodge–one of the longest running jungle lodges and horseback riding havens in Belize. The Carr family moved to the Belmopan area decades ago, when Belize was still known as British Honduras, pre-independence, and when there were barely roads nor electricity.

My first stay at Banana Bank dates back two years, while working on the first edition of Moon Belize, and I was taken aback by the verdant 4,000 acres–from the riverfront lodge with thatch cabanas and paintings by renowned artist Carolyn Carr, to vast rainforests and farm lands. And of course, horses… over 90 of them. All of this, just a

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