Moon Dominican Republic 2016 Has A Book Cover and Is on Pre-Sale

DominicanRepublicCover HIGH RES (1)

Here it is–the final book cover for my first edition of Moon Dominican Republic for Moon Travel Guides.

I am thrilled that one of my photographs was selected, and even more delighted that it shows a scene from Puerto Plata, one of my favorite areas of the DR.

The image shows a couple of motorbikes parked along the city’s Malecon or waterfront boulevard, while its owners take a dip in the Atlantic sea, the breeze blowing and waves crashing nearby.

A golden beach sits below, of course, but I love that it shows a more authentic every day scene than a touristy one (and that’s why I also love writing for Moon Guides).

For those who missed the other exciting news on Facebook, this edition will be printed in full color. No drab black and white! From the Continue reading »

La Vega Carnival 2016: Postcard of the Week


I survived La Vega Carnival, by far the most crowded and popular of all carnival parades in the Dominican Republic. Considered to be the oldest running, La Vega–located 20 minutes south of Santiago–is known for its diablos cojuelos or limping devils and their intricate costumes and dramatic, bejeweled masks.

It’s also one of the biggest street parties you’ll ever see in the country, where everyone lets loose and parties the Continue reading »