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Puerto Plata Carnival 2016

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Dominican Republic carnival parades kicked off this past Sunday in the major provinces and cities. I attended Puerto Plata’s first parade, held along a small portion of the city’s seafront boulevard. 

The set up for the first Puerto Plata Carnival parade was average–with limited space for viewers to enjoy the show fully, and little time for the participants to dance and show off their costumes. The best part of the day was actually before the event started, talking to the various tribes, and for me–capturing images of their creative costumes, and getting footage of them dancing freely. 

Carnival in the DR dates back to the 16th century–and incorporates folklore and history, showcased in unique ways in the various provinces (who compete for a national prize at the end of carnival season). Each province also has its overall carnival identity and name–in Puerto Plata, it’s the TaimascarosTai for Taino and mascarao for masks which dominate the > Continue reading »

Postcard of the Week: San Felipe de Puerto Plata


Wherever you end up staying in the Puerto Plata area, carve out a half-day to stroll through the city–officially called San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Take in its colorful Victorian architecture, its museums, local comedores cafes, and newly cobblestoned streets leading you down to the seafront Malecon.

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