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Postcards: Washington DC’s Cherry Blossoms

DC Cherry BlossomsYesterday, at the invitation of a visiting friend who is new to Washington DC area, I braved the crowds and witnessed the cherry blossoms at their peak bloom. The chance of this happening, by the way, is one in four–according to our excellent guide from Washington Walks. Whether you’re new to the area or not, I highly recommend them for some great local tips and insight into this city (including what not to miss at the various Smithsonian museums).

It didn’t take much arm twisting to get me out there. I was looking forward to taking a break from my heavy workload as I prepare for my upcoming trip to New Zealand (more on that soon). Besides that, I was inspired the day before by National Geographic Traveler’s live, virtual photo workshop and Google Hangout with Dan Westergren, on how to shoot the cherry blossoms.

Below are some photos from our afternoon, from catching a few minutes of the Cherry Blossom Festival parade to strolling the tidal >> Continue reading »




Most of you know that for the past few months, I’ve been working on several Jamaica projects.

Two of these involved writing, illustrating and compiling two digital guides on Jamaica for AFAR: first, an “inspirational” guide (for later release this year), and second, a complete country guide.

It was not only exciting to write for AFAR, one of my favorite magazines and an award-winning travel outlet, but also to share the best of the Jamaica I know and love with readers.

My faithful blog readers know what Jamaica means to me–my first home away from home, where I first embarked in travel photography, blogging and writing. Where I headed after taking a leap of faith and leaving behind my legal career, not knowing where >> Continue reading »