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Garifuna Settlement Day in Hopkins, Belize

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Wishing all Garinagu people a Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!

Below are a few snapshots from this rainy and stormy morning’s reenactment off the shores of Hopkins Village.

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Postcard of the Week: Farewell to Paul Nabor, Buyei and King of Paranda

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I am still processing my experience of Paul Nabor’s funeral events. There were so many moving, inspiring, overwhelming, and bone-chilling moments–from witnessing his coffin being filled with his favorite items, to the procession from the morgue to his home on the funeral’s eve, to the tribute concert and his final moments in the grave as the drumming and chanting echoed all around the cemetery. It was an explosion of emotions, all around. He was very, very much loved.

And as it turns out–and as I learned that day from his relatives–Paul Nabor wasn’t just a musical talent and the King of Paranda. He was also a Buyei–or a spiritual leader and High Priest for his community. A Buyei is chosen by the ancestors, and has a special connection and ability to communicate with them. He is chosen to lead, to guide his people.

As such, Paul Nabor’s funeral had special rituals. One of those included a stop in front of the dabuyaba or Garifuna temple, during the official procession to the church. What took place there was beautiful, and

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