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La Vega Carnival 2016: Postcard of the Week


I survived La Vega Carnival, by far the most crowded and popular of all carnival parades in the Dominican Republic. Considered to be the oldest running, La Vega–located 20 minutes south of Santiago–is known for its diablos cojuelos or limping devils and their intricate costumes and dramatic, bejeweled masks.

It’s also one of the biggest street parties you’ll ever see in the country, where everyone lets loose and parties the Continue reading »

Dominican Republic’s Santiago Carnaval 2016

hile the rest of the world is done with Carnival celebrations, the Dominican Republic is still in the thick of its weekly celebrations. There are four Sundays of parades to go in different parts of the country–including the grand finale in Santo Domingo in early March.

Last Sunday I attended the city of Santiago’s Carnival–one of the most colorful, popular and culturally interesting you can attend. The celebrations center around the city’s most popular sight, the Monumento a los Heroes de la Restauracion (commonly known as Monumento de Santiago), giving the already-colorful event a gorgeous, green backdrop.

Dominicans have their own way of doing things–and that includes carnival. Carnaval dominicano is pure art and creativity, history and culture. The main attraction isn’t hundreds of women in feathers and barely-there bikinis, but rather, folkloric characters and personalities that date back to the colonial times and share an aspect of Dominican life or society–whether Taino, Spanish or African. Each one of >> Continue reading »