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A Special Update on Belize


Happy Travel Tuesday!

It has been such an exciting month. On the heels of my award news, I have another thrilling work-related update. A new client and a big project. 

I recorded this live message to tell you all about it.

Hint: it has to do with my beloved Belize.


To learn more about the upcoming 2016 Destination Belize Magazine–a publication of the Belize Tourism Industry Association–visit the website and join us on Facebook, where colorful posts and images on Belize are >> Continue reading »

Postcard of the Week: Caribbean Romance


Kicking off the month of June with Caribbean Week in New York and the 30 Days of Caribbean Romance Photo Challenge. You can check out everyone’s posts all month long on social media, using #30DaysofCaribbeanRomance and get some ideas on your next romantic island escape.

Tomorrow I will be heading to New York for Caribbean Week, primarily for a very special occasion. Stay tuned to my Facebook Page tomorrow to find out why. I’m going to Facebook Live and share the news in person.

See you then!