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A Day with Fathom in the Dominican Republic


It’s one of the most talked about news in travel this year. FathomCarnival Corporation’s new brand–is offering 7-day “social impact” or volunteer cruises, beginning in April 2016.

Cruising with a purpose–can you fathom that? (I couldn’t help it.)

I first heard of this concept in the summer of 2015. A local Puerto Plata community tourism organization I know and highly respect shared with me that it was collaborating with Fathom–as were a couple of other DR-based non profits–and helping identify and shape social impact (volunteer) activities on this north coast. This would mean that Fathom would be supporting their hard work in building sustainable communities.

As most of you know, I’m not one for hopping on a giant ship to the Caribbean, not least because you barely get to know the destination and because it contributes little to the local communities visited. But a smaller cruise focusing only on social impact activities and cultural immersion? And starting with the Dominican Republic? Color me intrigued. So when I was invited to join a Fathom pilot held in Puerto Plata last week (as a Continue reading »

Caribbean Tourism Month: Sand Dunes in the Caribbean #CTM2015


I can think of hundreds of photos that would fit the “nature” category for today’s Caribbean Tourism Month image–particularly when it comes to the DR, one of the most diverse countries in the Caribbean, with a surprising range of ecosystems and the tallest peaks in the region.

Above is just one example of the surprising scenery you’ll find here: the sand dunes of Las Calderas, about 20

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