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Throwback Thursday: An Afternoon with Paul Nabor

_LG_Belize_0079 Paul Nabor.jpg

“The National Treasures of Belize are its people of culture. Culturally, the Garifuna people of Dangriga, Belize are the most interesting. [...] The oldest male singer is PAUL NABOR. Make sure that you photograph him, he is the national treasure since Andy Palacio died.”

When I reached Punta Gorda that month of September 2011, I kept the wise words of my mentor and renowned photographer Chester Higgins in the back of my mind. I had shared with him the good news that my next gig was taking me to Belize, for three months of coverage as a freelance writer, blogger and photographer.

In Punta Gorda, my host Bruno was well-connected and had lived in the area for decades, so I had a hunch he might be able to help me. The minute I mentioned to him that I would love to meet Paul Nabor, he said, in the way in which he always did when a guest had a request: “No problem!”

We stopped by Nabor’s house that very evening–it was dark and I could barely see where we were, but I spotted him from the car. He seemed frail, yet alert, sitting in an alley beside his humble wooden home, chatting with a friend. My host stepped out and told him about this writer who is with the BTB and wanted to meet him.

I heard the reply: “Sure. Come tomorrow. 2 o’clock.”

I wondered if it would really happen, but I was so excited that I started picturing how I would photograph him, and then wondered if he would let me photograph him.

The next afternoon of September 5 is one I’ll never forget. After an hour with Leela Vernon at her home–the

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Postcard of the Week: Sunset on North Ambergris Caye

DSC_8973-2 copy.jpg

DSC_9030-2 copy.jpg

Sunset from Sapphire Beach Resort, north of Ambergris Caye. Same day, over the space of an hour.

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