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Moon Belize 2017 Updates: Sharing New Highlights


Revisions, additions, deletions: the writing portion of Moon Belize 2017 is in full swing!

After my MacPro died in November during a massive rainstorm on a boat transfer, I was left computerless on the road in Belize for 4 weeks. Thankfully, I had backed up all my work up until that point on external drives, and my iPhone saved the day–allowing me to take notes, snap photos and record audio.

New “chapter highlights,” fresh photos are coming to each chapter.

In Punta Gorda, a favorite was spending the day with EcoTourism Belize in Indian Creek Village–cooking Mayan caldo and tortillas, hiking an organic farm, watching dance performances, and… witnessing plenty of giggles from the women’s group while they posed for my camera. To top it off, 100% of Ecotourism Belize’s profits will go towards sustainable development in the south.


Devastating Floods hit Puerto Plata and North Coast of Dominican Republic: Here’s How You Can Help

 There are sad news out of Puerto Plata province and neighboring provinces of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Many of you know that the north is one of my favorite parts of the country. It’s where I wrote my first edition of Moon Dominican Republic, from my apartment in Puerto Plata city, where I was based at least five months. I spent my Christmas in the hills of the province last year, and poured the most soul and passion into the Puerto Plata and North Coast Chapter, with all of its beauty and wonderful community tourism experiences across various provinces.

Floods in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata – Image by El Nuevo Diario

Unfortunately for the past three weeks, and particularly the last, the northern coast and the northeast have experienced continuous, heavy rainfall, and devastating floods. It’s really bad. President Danilo Medina declared a state of emergency in a total of six provinces.

According to the country’s Emergency Operations Center (Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias or COE), as of today 30,040 people are displaced, while 4,622 homes were destroyed, and Continue reading »